What is PBI - Public Broadcasters International ?

Public Broadcasters International is an annual forum for public service media executives from around the world to meet and create strategic vision for the future since 1990. It provides an opportunity to share experiences and ideas about how best to deal with challenges unique to public service broadcasting.

PBI was established by a group of broadcasters in Toronto in 1990 as a not-for-profit initiative in support of international public service broadcasting(PSB), and held the first meeting in 1991. Initial participant broadcasters include BBC, CBC, DR, France Television, KBS, NHK, NRK, PBS, RTE, SABC, SVT, TV Ontario. Since then more than 80 public service broadcasters – representing all continents – have become members.

The PBI conference, usually taking place in autumn, is hosted by a member broadcaster representing different continents on rotation. PSBs from North America, Africa, Asia and Europe have subsequently hosted conferences.

Membership not only supports international PSB but guarantees attendance at the PBI Conference and access to the information PBI gathers (eg. broadcaster profiles). It is open to broadcasters offering programmes and news for all audiences and who are required, by law or charter, to serve general public interests. PBI is not-for-profit. Membership fees which contribute towards each annual conference depend on the size of the broadcaster.
Associate membership is also available. Further details will be provided upon initial registration or on request via email at: pbi2018@kbs.co.kr

Who takes part?

Senior executives from most of the important public service media groups and union representatives (ABU, EBU, PMA, SABA) meet during the three-day conference. This provides the chance for high-level and wide-ranging debate and the development of a network of PSB leaders across the world.

PBI Conferences have previously been held

  • 2017Sinaia (Romania) ROR
  • 2016Montreal (Canada) CBC
  • 2015Munich (Germany) ARD/BR
  • 2014Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) EBC
  • 2013Washington (US) PBS
  • 2012London (UK) BBC
  • 2011Singapore MediaCorp
  • 2010Sintra (Portugal) RTP
  • 2009Kyoto (Japan) NHK
  • 2008Arles (France) France Televisions
  • 2007Seoul (Korea) KBS
  • 2006Maputo (Mozambique) RM, TVM
  • 2005Oslo (Norway) NRK
  • 2004Macao (China) TDM
  • 2003Krakow (Poland) Polish TV
  • 2002Hong Kong (China) RTHK
  • 2001Toronto (Canada) TVOntario, CBC
  • 2000Cape Town (South Africa) SABC
  • 1999Belfast (UK) BBC
  • 1998Biarritz (France) France Televisions
  • 1997Washington DC (USA) PBS
  • 1996Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) RTM
  • 1995Prague (Czech) CTV
  • 1994Stockholm (Sweden) SVT
  • 1992Brussels (Belgium) BRTN
  • 1991 Toronto (Canada) TV Ontario
    in association with NHK