seoul 2018

From October 23 to 25, KBS will host the 2018 Public Broadcasters International (PBI) Conference.
Since its creation in 1990, PBI has been a forum annually held for executives and experts to discuss issues regarding public service media.
The 2018 edition of PBI will explore the theme of connected platforms and the next wave of technological changes that will transform the industry profoundly.


Yang Sung-dong
Yang Sung-dong
President & CEO
Korean Broadcasting System

It is my great pleasure to welcome colleagues, experts, and leaders of the PSM community to the PBI 2018 in Seoul, Korea. The event will be hosted by KBS, Korea’s key public service media provider. It aims to be a forum where we can discuss a range of issues such as securing financial resources and attracting young audiences in the age of incessant disruption where the highest priority appears to fall on sustainability.

Since 2007, when KBS hosted its first PBI conference, there have been incredible changes to our industry. Public service media across Europe and Asia have displayed creativity and resilience in catching up with the times and accelerating themselves towards digitally enhanced communications. However, the changes in the development of the media industry have been explosive as well.

UHD is no longer just a talking point. The demand for Ultra-High-Definition content is prompting us to find solutions to technical issues surrounding the realization of UHD broadcasting. Digital media has crossed new frontiers into Artificial Intelligence that provides services custom-tailored to audiences for their age group, preferences, and search patterns. And from the PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games, we saw the possibility of drones to deliver a breakthrough in broadcasting.

We need to be prepared to be able to ride on top of these waves of developments unfolding around us. PBI 2018 plans to look ahead and examine the future of PSM where technologies find their place in serving the public good. We will discuss various aspects of public service media raging from the distribution of content in digital environments to AI operated Internet TV. Also, we will examine cases of Korean-Wave dramas such as <Descendants of the Sun>, which remarkably reached a wider audience base in Asia from the crossing of on-line and off-line platforms.

This is the time to gather our wisdom and knowledge to plough through these challenging, yet exciting times.
I will be looking forward to meeting you here in October in Seoul.
Thank you.

Cho In-seok
Toshiyuki SATO
PBI Secretary General

This year PBI comes back to Asia after seven years. I would like to thank KBS for its enthusiasm and strong commitment in hosting this international assembly.

The media landscape continues to change rapidly because of the emergence of new media. PBI is recognized as an once-a-year opportunity for public broadcasters to meet and get connected to defend the public values we trust. What we voice in the meetings from our own experiences in public broadcasting are benchmarks for the other members and for the international media organizations.

The role of broadcasters has expanded to the area of the total media. Now most public broadcasters identify themselves as the “public media.” We are challenged to survive by fitting ourselves to a new era. The most important purpose of the PBI, I believe, is to update and locate where we stand at this time in media history.

Types of public broadcasters differ from country to country but the existence of a sound public broadcasting system is a must for civic society. The values public broadcasters have long embraced become even more important at a time of economic and social polarization.

Come to Seoul in the height of beautiful fall and join the discussions.